Accelerated Productivity Programme Solutions

The current economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing manufacturers to make rapid changes.

In many cases businesses are adjusting to falling orders and sales. However, in an equal number of companies, businesses are experiencing a rapid increase in sales demand for existing products or else having to ramp up supply of completely new product to new or existing markets.

The current crisis has stress tested many businesses and highlighted the underlying vulnerabilities in operations and supply chains. Many businesses are now struggling to keep up, their efficiency is falling, and their supply chains are failing them. There is a need for rapid and effective application of Lean Thinking to help these businesses quickly and efficiently scale up production and their supply chain to meet demand. The Accelerated Productivity Programme meets that need.

What is the Accelerated Productivity Programme?

It is a concentrated Lean intervention specifically targeted on safely increasing output of quality products and services in your business.

It can be targeted at a single product, a group of products or a process (e.g. warehouse picking and packing).

The aim is practical application of Lean Thinking by expert Lean coaches to accelerate your increased throughput.

What Does it Cover?

The Accelerated Productivity Programme will look at every aspect of your planned increase in throughput. This will include:

  • Design of production and warehouse workflows to meet target outputs
  • Workforce planning and organisational design
  • Layout of production lines, warehouses and other facilities where you plan to do the work
  • Supply chain optimisation to ensure that your inventory and replenishment processes and your suppliers can meet the increased demand
  • Development of standard work and new employee induction procedures for the new processes

How Long Does it Take?

Our standard Accelerated Productivity Programme takes five weeks from start to finish. However shorter programmes are available depending on your need.

Does this Replace our Existing or Planned Lean Programme?

No – the Accelerated Productivity Programme is a targeted programme aimed at a specific outcome – rapidly increasing your throughput of a key product or service. It is not an overall Lean operating system deployment.

It can also be deployed within the framework of your existing Lean system if you have one. If you are interested in implementation of an overall Lean operating system for your business, then let our representative know when you call.

How Does it Work?

A skilled TXM Lean practitioner works with an internal task force within your business in a series of rolling improvement “blitz” workshops to rapidly drive improvement in your business.