About TXM Lean Solutions

How do you achieve sustainable Operational Excellence in a business?

That is a question that occupied TXM Lean Solutions directors, Timothy McLean, Anthony Clyne and Ron Spiteri throughout their successful careers with leading global companies.

Timothy McLean Founded TXM Lean Solutions in 2004

In 2004, Timothy McLean left a successful Operations Leadership career to form TXM Lean Solutions with the aim of helping manufacturing and supply chain companies transform their operations.
Timothy was joined by leading Lean coach Anthony Clyne in 2008 and experienced operations and business leader, Ron Spiteri in 2012.

Since 2004, TXM has grown to become a leading international Operational Excellence and Lean consulting company with offices in Australia, China, Europe, the UK, New Zealand and Canada and projects in more than 25 countries globally. Our scope has expanded well beyond manufacturing into resources, services, agriculture, supply chain and distribution.

We have managed this expansion carefully, building a base of knowledge in each industry that we enter so that when we sit down with you, we talk your language and understand your challenges. Whatever your industry, our passionate commitment to delivering a sustainable Lean transformation for businesses remains.

Lean Consulting and Coaching

Today we are a diverse community of experienced Lean professionals committed to delivering the best lean resources and coaching to our clients around the world.

Beyond Lean methodologies the TXM Lean Solutions team focus on delivering effective change management and on coaching leaders throughout organisations to lead effective change through Lean. We call our approach “people-centric process improvement based on Lean thinking” as core to our beliefs is that all change in organisations comes through people.

At TXM Lean Solutions we see a higher purpose of promoting Lean thinking around the world to improve businesses. As a result, we invest heavily in some of the best Lean blogs and videos available and offer these free of charge online. We also volunteer our time at conferences, seminars and workshops for a wide range of organisations – promoting the cause of Lean around the world.

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