Lean Sales Solutions

The traditional sales process is a transaction between a seller and a purchaser.

Whilst this approach is suitable in many environments, it does not leverage the underlying value of your corporate IP. Lean Sales is a two-pronged approach. Lean Sales is about applying Lean thinking to the sales process to ensure that it achieves maximum results whilst consuming minimal resources. The second aspect of Lean Sales is about outlining the insights of your customers to enable targeted marketing and prospecting. Then embedding solution sales techniques that leverage your corporate IP to solve your customer’s problems.

Lean sales is about applying Lean thinking directly to improve the value that customers get from your product or service. Watch this TXM Lean Minute on our Lean Sales approach and the benefits it can deliver to your business customers.

The TXM ValueMAX Lean Sales Process

Our ValueMax Process is designed to see how the customer experiences your product. We apply Lean approaches to understand the value and waste that your customer gets from your product or service. Here at TXM we have the skills build your Lean Sales foundations through:

  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping
  • Building Customer Personas
  • Customer Needs Analysis
  • Corporate IP Mapping
  • Solution Sales Mapping
  • Develop Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Marketing and Sales Infrastructure
  • Sales Capability Development
  • System Sustainability

Why Choose TXM?

By focusing your customer on the value of your product and eliminating waste in this process you can increase margins, increase sales and increase customer satisfaction. By applying the TXM ValueMAX Lean Sales Process you’ll see:

  • Increased Sales Conversion Rates
  • Increased Customer Value
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Remove Barriers to Entry
  • Minimise Waste in Your Sales Process
  • Improved Sales Margins by Selling Value