TXM Training FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

What is TXM Training?

TXM Training is a business started by TXM Lean Solutions to provide real practical usable training. Teaching the skills you and your employees can use to improve and grow your business. Whilst also learning valuable skills and techniques that can be applied beyond your current role.

How do you deliver the training?

We have a number of delivery options available including face-to-face, In-house/on-site at your place of work or self-paced learning (coming soon)

What is the difference between face-to-face, in-house and self-paced learning?

Face-to-face learning refers to learning in a classroom (when permitting) or via video conferencing. In-house refers to training a number of people in the same business on-site at their location. Self-paced learning is run on an online platform where participants can go at their own pace.

What types of training do you offer?

TXM Training currently have a number of training courses covering a variety of topics including Leadership, Manufacturing, Visual Management, Supply Chain Management, Problem Solving and the Exemplar Global internationally accredited Lean Practitioner & Lean Expert (coming soon) Certifications.

Are TXM Training courses accredited to any standards or accreditation bodies?

Yes, The TXM Training Lean Practitioner course is internationally recognised and accredited to the ISO Standard 18404 by International body Exemplar Global. TXM is one of only a handful of providers worldwide who are certified under the Exemplar Global Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme. TXM are able to run the ISO 18404 training & examinations for Lean Practitioner and Lean Expert (coming soon) Certifications.

What is the ISO 18404 standard?

Its full title is ISO 18404:2015: Quantitative methods in process improvement – Six Sigma – competencies for key personnel and their organizations in relation to Six Sigma and Lean implementation. This International Standard defines the competencies for the attainment of specific levels of competency with regards to Six Sigma, Lean, and “Lean & Six Sigma” in individuals.

What ISO 18404 qualification does TXM Training offer?

TXM Training offer two levels of certification under the ISO 18404 standard for Lean: Lean Practitioner & Lean Expert (coming soon)

What is the Lean Practitioner course?

The TXM Lean Practitioner course will enable you and your employees to build process capability in your business. The course is designed to go beyond the basics of the Lean Methodology and teach comprehensive in-depth knowledge of it’s two guiding principles of Continuous Improvement and Respect for People.

What does the Lean Practitioner course consist of?

The Lean Practitioner course covers 4 x 8 hour modules & test consisting of: MODULE 1 – INTRO TO LEAN PRACTITIONER
• Introduction to Lean
• The 8 Wastes
• Visual Management
• Introduction to 5S
• Lean Simulation

• Current Value Streams
• Future Value Streams
• Heijunka and Load Levelling
• Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)
• A3 Reporting

• Aligning for Lean Success
• Lean Daily Meeting
• Daily Routine Tasks
• Leader Standard Work
• Hoshin Kanri (Strategic Planning)

• Overall Equipment Efficiency
• Quality Systems
• Root Cause Analysis
• Pull Systems & Kanban
• Quick Changeover

How will I be assessed?

After each module you will complete an examination to test your knowledge on competency. You must pass the test by 75% before moving to the next module. You can have three attempts in a 3 month period no closer than 2 weeks apart.

How long does the Lean Practitioner Course take to complete?

Once commenced you have one year to complete all modules, tests and submit your project work to TXM for assessment and certification as a Lean Practitioner.

Will I be able to get help outside of the modules?

Yes, you will not be on your own completely as every participant will be able to access personalised 1-on-1 online development sessions with a TXM Lean Consultant to answer any questions or issues you might face.

What does the project consist of?

The project work is the application of what you have learnt whilst completing the Lean Practitioner course. The project must involve an improvement project in your business that can show measurable gains in profitability, financials and production.

How can I verify my certification?

You will receive a certification and your achievement will be recorded in the Exemplar Global database so you can verify your qualification at any time in the future.

Who are Exemplar Global?

Exemplar Global Inc. provides personnel certification and credential management for individuals seeking further professional recognition and independent certification for training providers to enhance their course quality and outcomes.

How much does the Lean Practitioner Course cost?

Lean Practitioner is $4990 plus applicable taxes which includes all modules, tests and assessments as well as coaching sessions to help you understand advance Lean topics and ask any questions you may have.

Who will be delivering the Lean Practitioner course?

Each TXM facilitator is a highly experienced Lean Expert with extensive knowledge of Lean & Operational Excellence each gaining experience inside major manufacturers around the world. The TXM facilitators are well versed in process improvement having implemented hundreds of improvements in businesses across the world showing measurable gains.