Lean Consultants in the USA

TXM are world leaders at helping small and medium sized manufacturing and distribution businesses transform their operational performance. We understand the challenges of growing businesses and have developed a unique approach that delivers exceptional returns on your investment of time and money. We also help larger corporations and private equity businesses with targeted support to solve specific challenges. When you have a tough operational problem to solve and want experienced help that will work alongside your team and deliver exactly what you need – call us.

‘From where I sit there is no way we could have achieved where we are today and where we will go in the coming months/years without the guidance of TXM. I really can’t thank you enough. My days are filled with purpose and are so much more enjoyable. When problems arise, I get excited to go an attack them with the team. The problems are not always fun, but the challenge and bringing a group together to attack it certainly is.’

Nick Adams – EGR Inc. North America

Why Choose TXM’s US Lean Consultants?

We understand growing businesses and are passionate about manufacturing. This enables us to see things your way. We all admire the achievements of that Japanese car company. But our consultants know that our customers are not Japanese and they don’t make cars. And as for all those Japanese words and special “Lean” jargon, well we believe there is a place for that, and that place is called Japan. We speak your language and understand your industry and adapt our solutions to solve your problem.

We believe that helping your business to transform its performance is the best way to get sustainable change and ensure that your teams are motivated to continue their development. We therefore work with you for as long as it takes to achieve change and provide you with a strong return on your investment.

Case Studies of Our Work in the United States

TXM have worked with clients across the United States since 2014 to deliver sustainable operational excellence through practical application of Lean Thinking.

When you visit our case studies you will see companies just like you who have great products and the know how to sell them but were struggling to create the capacity and deliver the cash flow to grow.

Globally we have worked with over 500 companies in almost every industry you can think of. You can read their transformation stories in our case studies.

Lean Consulting Services in the United States

Our approach is to start with an initial free of charge visit to your site to understand your business and the challenges you are facing. Our services typically include:

  • Designing Lean factory and warehouse layouts
  • Streamlining your office and engineering workflows
  • Creating an organized, safe and efficient manufacturing operation
  • Optimizing warehouse processes and productivity
  • Reducing inventory and fine tuning your supply chain
  • Developing the leaders at every level of your business
  • Helping you get the most out of the technology in your business

We will customize a fixed price proposal to meet your specific needs and solve the challenges that your business is facing today.

Experienced Lean Consultants in the United States

Our American consulting team are experienced manufacturing professionals who have had to learn Lean the hard way – by delivering practical results on the factory and warehouse floor.

We don’t hire trainers, but instead look for manufacturing leaders with a practical understanding of what happens in a manufacturing operation and a proven track record of delivering change. After joining our team they are trained in TXM’s unique approach.

They then benefit from our global knowledge base and ongoing consultant professional development. Therefore, you can be confident that your business is receiving the world best standard of support when you hire TXM.