Lean Manufacturing Case Studies – How TXM has Helped Companies Improve Efficiency

If you want ways to lower your production costs without compromising quality, the TXM Lean manufacturing consulting services offer a path to success. The TXM team understands the details of industrial engineering and how they relate to lean manufacturing. We use this knowledge to design customized and comprehensive solutions to meet your business needs.

TXM’s consulting team consists of experts with years of experience in Lean manufacturing, the world’s most successful business process improvement system. We help you eliminate waste, deliver value for customers, and unlock your business’ full potential.

Examples of Lean Manufacturing in Action

We have completed dozens of Lean consultancy projects, from single factory layouts to multi-site, large-scale business transformations in the US and other countries like Canada and the UK. TXM offered support as the following businesses learned to implement new ideas and apply their new Lean skills:

  • Server Racks Australia: TXM implemented Value Stream Mapping to resolve bottlenecks in the company’s production processes.
  • Laminex: The company implemented Visual Management Boards, Value Stream Mapping, and Standard Work to transform its operational culture and improve performance.
  •  Agilent: Redesigned workflows and streamlined processes to make the company more efficient and competitive.
  • Branach Manufacturing: TXM helped Branach Manufacturing to identify and fix process inefficiencies.
  • MacNaught: The company implemented 5S and Kanban, among other Lean tools, with TXM guidance

These are just a few Lean Manufacturing Case Studies of organizations that wanted to increase their returns and get lasting results in the face of fierce competition. TXM’s experienced consultants helped them develop Lean projects to transform their businesses and reduce Work In Progress inventory and waste. We can do the same for your business.

Do you want to improve plant layout, improve workflow, reduce waste, improve operational efficiency and reduce noise like the Lean manufacturing examples above? Contact TXM now for innovative Lean solutions.