Lean Supply Chain Solutions

The last two decades have seen rapid globalisation of supply chains. Increasingly the true costs of these extended and complex product flows is being recognised.

Companies are looking for solutions that will reduce cost, reduce inventory and ensure customers get what they want on time and in full. We have developed highly effective solutions that apply Lean to streamline global supply chains eliminating lead time, waste and cost.

Bringing together the innovative techniques of the Lean Supply Chain

At TXM we understand the challenges facing distributors and can help you come up with practical solutions to drive improved customer service, less waste, less inventory and lower costs.

Leading your Lean Supply Chain Transformation

TXM are experts in Supply Chain Management. We will map your supply chain, work with your suppliers and ordering systems through to managing your inventory and distributing your products to customers. TXM will bring together innovative supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We have extensive experience & resources across the world having worked with clients and suppliers to improve overall supply chain performance. Our Lean Supply Chain expertise and innovation has been recognised by global leaders such as AstraZeneca, Kmart Australia, United Technologies Corporation and Schutz AG.

Why Choose TXM?

TXM offer end to end supply chain solutions including:

  • Supplier Management and Supply Chain Design
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Distribution Network Design
  • Freight and Logistics
  • Effective use of Supply Chain Systems
  • Warehouse Layout and Effective Warehouse Management
  • Analysis of 3PL alternatives
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Developing People in Your Supply Chain