Stop Start Continue – a Lean Feedback Tool

Stop, Start, Continue Feedback Examples

A strong component of TXMs Lean Philosophy is about engaging our team and get them thinking about improving our company, together. Identifying wastes is a great way to start and using simple feedback tools can help get our team warmed up and into thinking mode. Today we will look at the Stop – Start – Continue model.

What is Stop Start Continue?

The Stop-Start-continue model is a simple approach to gathering feedback from our team and get them to start thinking about their work environment and what needs to b done to improve their jobs. The model has been credited to Brigham Young University’s Phil Daniels, psychology professor. It can be used with different aims in mind; for personal reflection , for performance feedback or for team feedback. It can easily ba adapted to work in a lean environment

How do I use Stop Start Continue?

While its application may vary, the basic approach is the same; ask yourself and your team the three key questions

Stop feedback lean tool

STOP – what can we STOP doing?

Consider activities that no longer help us. This may be because the company has grown or is developing a culture we don’t like, amongst many other reasons why we would want to consider what we need to stop doing.

Examples of Stop

  • being quick to blame when something goes wrong
  • expecting others to clean up after you

Start feedback tool

Start – what can we START doing?

This may be the opposite of the STOP notes or bringing in something new, that would help improve the work environment or improve efficiency.

Examples of Start

  • keeping the kitchen clean (always an interesting discussion point and often a reflection of company culture)
  • completing the paperwork when started
  • holding team meetings
  • sharing more information about the company and long term outlook
  • celebrating when things go well


Continue – what can we CONTINUE to build on?

Already doing some good stuff? Excellent! Let the team identify this and build on it for continuous improvement.

Examples of Continue

Alternative approaches to Stop-Start-Continue

Depending our your team’s continuous improvement maturity, there are a few different approaches for seeking feedback:

a. brainstorm session – good for immediate interaction; a challenge over shifts

b. board available for team to access – helps draw out quieter team members

Consider building a feedback model into your regular CI meetings. By creating a routine around asking for feedback, our team can note issues or ideas as they arise and know they have a place to present them back to the team. If you are facilitating the feedback session, keep the team dynamics in mind; establishing group rules about listening and respect can set clear expectations and be referred back to if the “boys club” begin to act up during a feedback session.

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Michelle Brown

Author: Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown is a Senior Lean Consultant at TXM Lean Solutions.