Celebrating 20 Years of Empowering Businesses

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Our team have been helping businesses like Branach empower their employees and improve their operations for 20 years. We are excited to announce the Lean Transformation and Lean Champion of the Year Awards.

We are excited to be commemorating our 20th year in business with the launch of two new initiatives: The TXM Lean Transformation Award and the Lean Champion of the Year recognition program. These programs celebrate the transformative power of Lean methodologies and recognise the individuals who are driving continuous improvement within their organisations in each region we operate.

For two decades, TXM Lean Solutions has been at the forefront of empowering businesses to achieve operational excellence through Lean principles. Our proven track record of success includes helping companies streamline processes, eliminate waste, and boost productivity.

“We’re incredibly proud of the impact we’ve made over the past 20 years, partnering with organisations to unlock their full potential,” says Tim McLean Managing Director. “The TXM Lean Transformation Award and Lean Champion recognition program are a way for us to celebrate the ongoing journey of Lean and the inspiring individuals who are leading the charge.”

The TXM Lean Transformation Award will be presented annually to client companies in each region that demonstrate exceptional results through their Lean implementation.

The Lean Champion of the Year program will acknowledge outstanding individuals within our client base who have championed Lean principles within their companies. These individuals will be recognised for their leadership, dedication, and ability to inspire others to embrace the Lean philosophy.

A Legacy of Empowering Businesses

TXM Lean Solutions’ 20th anniversary marks a significant milestone for the company, with that in mind we will also be announcing the induction of a TXM client into the Lean Hall of Fame. We will announce more about the Lean Hall of Fame in the coming months.

TXM Lean Solutions looks forward to announcing our finalists from each region for both the TXM Lean Transformation Award and the Lean Champion of the Year program across our social platforms over the coming months. Be on the lookout across our socials for the finalists for each region.

Michael Hatch

Author: Michael Hatch