TXM Webinar Series Part 1: Lean For Agriculture – Australia – 12pm Thursday 17 September (AEST)

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12:00 pm

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Online Via Zoom Webinar

Increase the productivity of your permanent and temporary labour

Improve your yields and reduce your product loss at critical times

Reduce your supply chain costs from the paddock to the distribution centre

Meet the demanding quality and delivery requirements of your corporate retailers

Boost Your Profit & Productivity

Agriculture has transformed in the past 50 years. Farms today are agri-businesses, often employing hundreds of permanent and temporary staff and tens of millions of dollars of equipment. Whereas farmers once sent their produce to market, modern agri-businesses operate end to end supply chains managing the whole product life-cycle from sowing to the supermarket distribution centre.

Traditional small-scale farmers know that the path to success relies on doing the right things at the right time in the right way, day in and day out, season in and season out all year round. So how do you achieve this when your agri-business has dozens or hundreds of staff, many of them itinerant?

Increasingly agricultural businesses around the world are finding the answers to these questions from an unlikely source. Lean Thinking is a system of management developed in automotive manufacturing that has been adapted to a huge range of industries from home loan application processing to hospital operating theatres. Over the past decade, more agri-businesses are seeing that Lean Agriculture is a simple and effective solution to improve performance and productivity.

TXM are industry leaders in Lean Agriculture. We have worked across a diverse range of agricultural sectors including horticulture, pork production, egg production, wine making and aquaculture to deliver step change improvement in growing, husbandry, harvesting, processing, distribution and asset maintenance.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will introduce you to the core principles of Lean Agriculture.

Topics will include:

  • What is Lean and how is it applied.
  • Why Lean works in labour intensive agri-business.
  • The four core principles of Lean and how they apply in an agri-business.
  • How to get started on your Lean Agriculture journey

The concepts will be demonstrated through practical case studies that show how Lean Agriculture has been applied successfully in applications as diverse as egg farming, herb growing, almond orchards and vegetable processing.

Your Host – Managing Director – Tim McLean

Tim grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand, before migrating to Australia and learning Lean thinking in manufacturing. Over the past decade Tim and the TXM team have leveraged this expertise into agriculture, working with some of Australia’s largest and most productive primary producers. In the process TXM has developed world leading expertise in applying Lean Thinking to achieve breakthrough improvements in quality, yield and productivity in major agricultural businesses.

Presentation & Q + A Session

12pm Thursday 17th September (AEST)

Cost: $30

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Schedule Details

  • 17/09/2020 12:00 pm   -   1:30 pm
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