Food Manufacturing

Increase Throughput by up to 50%

TXM has worked with dozens of food manufacturers. We have supported major manufacturers meet the challenges of corporate retail. Equally we have helped smaller manufacturers capitalise on niche markets and food services. Our team have enabled customers to increase line outputs by up to 50% and reduce product waste by 75% in environments as diverse as flour milling, confectionery production, egg processing, sauce and condiment production, fruit juice bottling, carbonated soft drinks, wine making, and baking.

Our Practical 5S™ approach and SPED® system for Structured Problem Solving complements the GMP and compliance efforts of our clients and leads to a clean, clear visual workplace producing consistent high quality products.

TXM solutions for the food industry are practical, sustainable and designed for the specific needs of your business. We avoid superficial “Cookie Cutter” approach and apply our passion for lean and our food manufacturing knowledge to deliver real results.