High Technology encompasses a huge range of industries from electronics to advanced capital equipment.

High technology companies typically have a high engineering content and high product complexity with demanding final test requirements as well as many components and process steps.

TXM has risen to the challenge of this complexity with successful projects involving Scientific Instruments, Ultrafiltration Equipment, Elite competition rowing boats and electronic fire safety systems among others.

High technology often requires management of low volume, highly customised products with complex multi level bills of materials and integration of a diverse range of underlying manufacturing technologies.

TXM has been able to use value stream mapping and our proven Plant Layout Development Process to build efficient flow production lines for these products to reduce lead times by up to 80% and reduce labour cost by up to 40%. We have applied our problem solving process to achieve dramatic improvements in defects and parts shortages. Find out how TXM has enabled high technology manufacturers to become Agile.

Learn how a high technology production line redesign lead to a 40% productivity gain

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