Is your business struggling to make a profit despite investing in more staff, space, and equipment?

You are most likely suffering from Dis-Economies of Scale:

  • Your Variable Costs are growing faster than sales
  • Your Overheads are increasing with sales or faster
  • Your Profit Margin is disappearing

The TXM Manufacturing Excellence Assessment will show how to achieve:

  • Up to 30% More Capacity
  • Up to 20% Improved Productivity with Improved Quality
  • Increased Stock Turns and Less Inventory
  • Less Waste and Defects
  • Improved Safety and Accountability

Complexity is killing your business but what can you do about it?

TXM have developed a ground breaking Manufacturing Excellence Assessment which will allow you to see your business in a whole new light and realise your true growth potential. We understand that often you are just too busy to stop and see the hidden waste in your business – so we will do it for you.

How does it work?

TXM will conduct an independent onsite review of your business which will help you to “see” the complexity and waste in your business, and provide a summary plan for the actions needed.