Concerted Actions Program for the Maintenance in Employment (PACME)

The Government of Québec has announced the new Concerted Actions Program for the Maintenance in Employment (PACME) program to help businesses promote the development of employee skills for economic recovery.

The program offers financial support measures to businesses whose usual activities are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to reduce their negative impacts.

Employers with employees in Québec may be eligible for a new grant program to help cover the cost of training activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government is offering to reimburse businesses for the eligible expenses they will incur, including up to 100% of the course fees and up to $25 per hour for employee wages.

Visit the Government of Québec for more information (only available in French).

The standard modules will:

  • Engage and motivate your employees whilst they are not fully occupied with normal duties
  • Enable your business to rapidly and effectively return to operation
  • Provide a framework for employees to critically review the traditional ways they worked and design a more efficient approach
  • Provide a framework for employees to plan their return to work and adapt to a new normal
  • Create the foundations of a culture of working together and problem solving
  • Provide employees with the inspiration to optimize their workspace and adopt a mindset of continual improvement
  • Affect the mindset of employees such that it impacts both their personal and professional environment

What is Covered?

TXM can ensure the development of your employees in several competencies, including:

  • Lean Foundations
  • Workplace Organization (5S)
  • Visual Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Quick Change Over (SMED)
  • Value Stream Mapping/Process Mapping
  • Front-line Leadership
  • Lean Practitioner (ISO18404)

Who Will Deliver the Training?

TXM Training modules are delivered by bi-lingual TXM Lean practitioners with over 150 years of combined operational excellence experience teaching practical techniques that can be immediately applied in your organization.

The modules can be delivered remotely or face-to-face, in accordance with public health guidelines.

TXM Will Help You!

TXM can help you decide which modules will suit you and your teams. We can also develop a custom solution that can be adapted to the skill level of your employees and their educational requirements.