Lean Design

Engineering design has a 70% influence on the direct Cost of Goods, yet it often focuses on pure functionality.  Embracing Lean Design, including Design-For-Manufacture and Assembly provides organisations with the opportunity to optimise based on lifecycle cost, reliability, and maintainability.

Lean Business Processes further enhance the engineering cycle, ensuring that product development lead times, costs, and rework are minimised, whilst process compliance, employee engagement, innovation, and quality are maximised. The challenge facing product and service designers is their ability to maintain high levels of desired innovation and autonomy whilst also managing structure, compliance, and engagement.

TXM Consultants pride themselves in having extensive practical operational and engineering experience in addition to their deep knowledge and experience in Lean Thinking.  This means that they are able to develop a program tailored to your unique needs and achieve a sustainable engineering system implementation.

With TXM you are engaging a partner who understands and is passionate about design and committed to helping your business succeed.


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