Getting out of your own backyard

Getting out of your own backyard

Implementing Lean and business improvement is hard work! Everyone is resisting, no one is doing what they say they’ll do and the rest are just not getting it!

If you are feeling this way, then it may be time to stick your head out and see what else is going on in the Lean world.

This week, two of the TXM consultants headed over to San Fransicso to attend some of the Lean training that the Lean Enterprise Institute was offering. There were a range of courses to choose from, with a one or two day classes fitting together well, covering a range of tool and methodology classes.

Over the next few weeks we will bring you some of our learnings, thoughts and findings from our classes with the Lean masters (dare we say “Sensei’s”?) but in the mean time, have a think about getting out of your own backyard and doing some extra Lean learning for yourself.

  •  In March13 – 14  2013, the LEI summit will be held in Orlando Florida. You can find out more details here
  • A bit closer to home, Melbourne will host the Australian Lean Summit on May 14 – 16 2013. You can find out more here
  •  Also, the Lean Healthcare summit will be held in Brisbane, May 7 – 9 2013 more details here

If you can’t find the time or budget to travel to training, there are many books that will add insight to your journey. A few the kept cropping up this week were:

Michelle Brown

Author: Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown is a Senior Lean Consultant at TXM Lean Solutions.