Pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing and Pharmacy compounding are among the world’s most tightly regulated and controlled industries producing products that literally save lives.

TXM has significant experience in Pharmaceuticals. We have enabled customers to increase line outputs and productivity by up to 50% by reducing set up times, downtimes and introducing standardised work for operators. We have also helped customers design complex global and regional lean supply chains that have reduced lead times and working capital by up to 50%.

Our practical 5S approach and SPED ™ system for Structured Problem Solving also complements the GMP and compliance efforts of our clients and leads to a clean, clear visual workplace producing consistently high-quality products. Our detailed knowledge of packaging and chemicals processes is also often of benefit to our Pharmaceutical customers.

Learn How TXM achieved a 40% OEE increase on a line producing Terminally Sterilized Liquid Pharmaceuticals.

Learn How TXM helped design a Lean Asian Supply Chain for Pharmaceuticals.