COVID-19 has changed the way we work, working from home will be the new normal for most people.

A New Way of Working

COVID-19 is real and it has impacted every country we operate in.  We are embarking on a new way of living and working.

This experience will be difficult while at the same time providing us with an opportunity to reinforce our values and redefine our character.

TXM acknowledge these are tough times for a large portion of people and business. We are here to serve and support through this new way of working and living.


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TXM Article: Surviving the Lock Down: Lessons From A Past Crisis

Continuing to Serve and Support You Through This

We work with a wide range of essential businesses from food manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, logistics and warehousing, retail, pharmaceuticals, mining equipment manufacturers.

TXM provide key professional services that keep these businesses running and thriving through unprecedented times.

In response to the pandemic we are ensuring the safety of our consultants, clients, and administrative employees by following strict on-site visitation guidelines plus our own proactive & robust internal safety guidelines. These guidelines leverage our collaborative association of our sister company the Best Practice Network.

At TXM we are committed to the health and well-being of our people.

We take the threat of Corona-virus infection and transmission extremely seriously. Our consulting team will be taking extra precautions outlined in this policy document.

Our Office team have a safety policy aimed to keep people safe in the TXM office and while working remotely.

We share publicly these standards in the spirit of collaboration and best practice.

Please provide feedback to these policies to [email protected] and we will reply ASAP.


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Only a Phone Call Away

We are working with essential businesses through the lock down by making changes to the way our consultants and admin employees work. We are still performing our core business for many of our existing customers to serve and support them through this.

We are now seeing the need for Business Continuity Planning with many businesses facing the harsh reality of business in these tough times.

TXM Article: How to Pivot Your Manufacturing

Are You Struggling to Understand What to Do Next?

This is one of the most disruptive events in recent time, how well you weather the storm will be dictated by the way you handle business in these uncertain economic times.

TXM Directors Tim McLean, Ron Spiteri & Anthony Clyne have extensive change management & transformation experience across a wide range of industries from Automotive to Pharmaceuticals and everything in between. Many Australian and international businesses will be looking to cut costs, reduce liabilities and maximise output.

We are here to serve and support you through this turbulent time. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity for some constructive advice.


National Summit
Wednesday 4 March 2020 

Holiday Inn Parramatta, NSW

TXM Customers and NAWO Members receive 25% discount on National Summit and Workshops

Join us at the Best Practice Network 2020 National Summit together with other leading professionals, and hear from a stellar line up of International and National Speakers, who will share their knowledge, experience, thoughts and ideas on the key leadership challenges. By joining us, you will acquire practical insights and you will have the opportunity to engage and network with some of the most innovative industrial minds.

‘The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.” Jim Rohns

The 2020 National Summit features an outstanding line-up of speakers, including international guest presenter Cheryl Jekiel, CEO Lean Leadership Center.

Cheryl helps CEO’s of innovative companies, weave Lean principles into the fabric of their company culture and attain sustainable results to exponentially change the business.

“Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.” Reed Markham

Keynote Summit Speakers From Some of Australia’s Most Successful Organisations Include:

Cheryl Jekiel, CEO, Lean Leadership Centre, USA 
Cheryl has held Vice President of Human Resources positions for a number of companies, including Flying Food Group, LLC, and Chief Operating Officer and other senior management positions at Parco Foods, LLC.

Ben Leaver, CEO, The Finance and Treasury Association
Ben is the CEO of The Finance and Treasury Association, the professional body for the Treasury community. Prior to this Ben held senior large scale leadership positions with Engineers Australia and NAB. Ben has a diverse leadership background and strong interest in the future of work.

Alan Muntz, Vice President, Leadership Pipeline Institute
Alan is a highly experience business focused senior human resource (HR) generalist with over 20 years’ experience in leading HR teams, strategic and operational HR functions and playing key roles in organisational leadership teams.

Tania Montesin, Chain Head of Operations Excellence
Tania is an experienced Group Manufacturing and Operations Manager who has a passion for developing internal capability while leveraging industry collaboration to drive effective change cross functionally.

David Stannard, The Vision Guy, Senior Operations Leader 
With more than 30 years of world class petrochemical manufacturing leadership, David is a passionate advocate for the use of visual management in both business and life.

Louise Weine, Regional Director, NAWO
In her role as Regional Director for the not-for-profit association NAWO, Louise leads a network of individuals and organisations who support and activate positive and useful change.

Dirk Crouse, Head of Operational Excellence, Seqirus
Dirk launched the 1st Operational Excellence pilot for the Australian site and introduced amongst other key enablers the Hoshin Kanri Strategic deployment system in 2017/8. This he later also rolled out to the rest of operations (USA and UK) in 2019.

Michael Pyke, Regional Director Manufacturing, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
He is passionate about linking vision to purpose in day to day operations through a strategic deployment process which sees all of his staff have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the success of Lifeblood.

Ron Spiteri, Managing Director, Best Practice Network & Director, TXM Lean Solutions
Ron has been a Lean practitioner and senior manager for over 25 years. With a skill and passion for business turnarounds, Ron has leveraged the principles of Lean to transform the performance and culture of businesses of all shapes and sizes.


View the National Summit Flyer Here. 

Register for the National Summit Here

* Contact us for your Best Practice Network Members Promotional Code before you register *


Summit Workshops
Tuesday 3 March 2020
Holiday Inn Parramatta, NSW

    • Let’s Get Visual with David Stannard, The Vision Guy, Senior Operations Leader
      A step by step half day journey of developing a business vision / strategy for an organisation, business or individual. 

Summit Workshops
Thursday 5 March 2020
Holiday Inn Parramatta, NSW

    • Leadership Coaching Skills with Cheryl Jekiel, CEO, Lean Leadership Centre
      This workshop includes techniques that can be applied to each participant’s environment using the takeaway tools from the session. The coaching model presented reflects a positive approach to leading teams that delivers better results.
    • Building Your Leadership Pipeline with Alan Muntz, Vice President, Leadership Pipeline Institute
      In this interactive workshop you will explore and reflect on the challenges of transitioning into a Leadership role. Develop an understanding of the mindset, value and time changes Leaders need to embrace to add value as a leader and value their Leadership role.
    • A Leadership Tools Taster with Alan Muntz, Vice President, Leadership Pipeline Institute
      This workshop will borrow from the performance standards of the Leading Others passage of the Leadership Pipeline. You will get hands on practice with a number of tools, skills and insights.

**Workshop Fees Apply – Members receive substantial discounts**

Summit & Workshop Registration Enquiries:
Kevin Bennett, QLD & NSW Facilitator
E: [email protected]
M: 0407 144 963

TXM Launches Business in New Zealand

TXM Lean Solutions growth continues, this time expanding across the Tasman Sea to the New Zealand market. We have just hired an experienced consultant to service the New Zealand market. Our New Zealand operation follows the successful introduction of TXM Lean Solutions in the the UK, Germany, France and Sweden in recent years.

Peter Rewi NZ Consultant
Peter Rewi joins TXM with extensive experience from some of New Zealand’s largest companies.

We continue to explore new opportunities across Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific Region. We have established offices across four continents and projects across 20 countries. TXM Lean Solutions is Australia’s first Global Lean Consultancy able to offer globally recognised Lean Solutions.

Our Latest Senior Lean Consultant

In conjunction with our expansion into the New Zealand Market we would like to welcome Senior Lean Consultant Peter Rewi to the TXM Team. Based in Auckland Peter has worked extensively as a Lean coach in both New Zealand and Australia. Peter joins TXM after 16 years at Lion Co. TXM Lean Solutions are excited to announce Peter Rewi as our first Senior Lean Consultant in New Zealand.

Peter joins TXM after 16 years at Lion Co, where he implemented Lean across a variety of functions and brands including Wither Hills Winery, Castlemaine, XXXX, Lion NZ, and Yoplait.

Peter comes to TXM with extensive skills in facilitation and change management working with employees of different levels and driving operational excellence at Lion Co brands working out of New Zealand, Peter will help you achieve your business goals with his extensive knowledge of Lean and Operational Excellence.

If you are New Zealand based and need help with your business transformation give TXM a call for a obligation free chat about your business and how to increase it’s efficiency.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from TXM Lean Solutions!

This year has been our most rewarding yet, with the launch of TXM Training in 2019 we saw over 130 participants in over 15 different on-site real world locations. TXM Training is running in 2020 across Australia but we can provide in-house across the globe.

Our North American presence has expanded with 3 new consultants to service our North American clients. Be on the look out for more case studies and videos about our North American clients. Our UK team have been busy exhibiting at packaging and supply chain management exhibitions. Be on the look out for us at PPMA Total October 2020.

We would like to say thanks to all of our clients around the world for a busy and productive 2019 & Thank You for giving us the chance to do what we enjoy and grow your businesses.

TXM will be closed from December 21st 2019 and will resume business as usual from January 6th 2020. We look forward to working with you in the New Year.

May your 2020 visions be profitable and productive and we look forward to working with you and making 2020 an even more successful year.

Take our Business Self Assessment Test it will help gauge your business preparedness!

Does your plant layout meet your current needs? Take our Plant Layout Quiz to understand where you can improve!

Our Dates & Hosts in 2020

Countdown Project Management

TXM Training is back in 2020 after an exciting inaugural year, where we saw 20 workshops facilitated in 3 states and over 140 attendees trained in the ways of Lean.

We will be running a variety of courses comprising from our Leadership for Operational Excellence Program at some of Australia’s premier manufacturers and businesses. Street Furniture, Scientific Games in NSW whilst ANCA join newcomers VISY & Dulux in Victoria with Goldstar Transport hosting our Countdown Project Management workshop in Western Australia. Keep an eye out for more communications regarding TXM Training.

2020 Workshops

Lean Leadership Workshop – Introductory course for Leaders in your business familiarizing them with a variety of Lean concepts including the 8 Wastes, Value Stream Mapping, Cultural Barriers to Successful Lean Transformation and their role as a Lean Leader is facilitating transformation.

VISY Tech Centre – Campbellfield (VIC) – February 19th 2020
NSW 2020 – TBC
QLD 2020 – TBC

Lean Manufacturing Simulation Workshop – Our simulation workshop is designed to teach the core Lean Manufacturing concepts of Flow, Pull and Leveling as well as Standard Work, Line Balancing and Work Design. It is a hands-on interactive crash course full of fun and learning through out the day.

ANCA CNC Machines – Bayswater North (VIC) – March 18th 2020
NSW 2020 – TBC
QLD 2020 – TBC

Lean Daily Leadership Workshop – The LDLP workshop builds on the learning from our Lean Leadership workshop. Providing deeper insights into creating a culture of continuous improvement through visual management, daily meetings, routine standard work and developing people at each level.

Dulux – Merrifield (VIC) April 22nd 2020
NSW 2020 – TBC
QLD 2020 – TBC

Practical 5S Workshop – As one of the core Lean Methodologies Practical 5S is essential for everyone in your business to understand. Practical 5S can be used across all departments in your business even in your office departments. You’ll learn the value of 5S, visual standards, getting started, sustaining and improving 5S.

Scientific Games – Silverwater (NSW) – May 27th 2020
VIC 2020 – TBC
Schutz Australia – Yatala (QLD) – March 24th 2020

Solving Problems Every Day Workshop – One of the most sort after skills every employer is looking for these days is Complex Problem Solving. Our Solving Problem Workshop teaches where to begin, root cause analysis tools, concern strips, the 5 whys and A3 problem solving for complex problems.

Street Furniture – Regents Park (NSW) – June 22nd 2020
VIC 2020 – TBC
QLD 2020 – TBC

CountDown Project Management Workshop – Using Gantt Charts, estimating costs and delays, evaluating critical paths to success, assessing project risks and making decision trade offs are all essential skills of any project manager. Learn the ins and outs of project management with CountDown, an easy to understand, fun and intuitive game to teach the essential skills of project management.

Goldstar Transport – Kewdale (WA) – February 5th 2020

Value Stream Mapping Workshop – Delve deeper into Value Stream Mapping with our 2-day workshop designed to teach the critical skills of current and future state mapping. Understand ways to map the value streams of all your departments to reveal waste and show where improvements can be made. Value Stream Mapping is essential in any organisation to understand the waste in your processes.

Join us at one or all of our modules for interactive, intuitive and hands-on workshops designed to teach you the ins and outs of Lean thinking and how to apply it in your organisation. TXM Trianing will help you and your staff get to the next level!

Final TXM Training for 2019!

ANCA CNC Machines
Attendees @ ANCA CNC Machines learning how visual management works at daily meetings.

It has been an outstanding first year of TXM Training with the launch of ‘The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program’ and our short course program consisting of Coaching Lean Problem Solving, Lean Supply Chain Simulation, Value Stream Mapping & Countdown Project Management.

The Leadership for Operational Excellence workshops have been well received in all states with over 130 people completing TXM Training workshops. Our attendees got insights into how Lean is applied in some of Australia’s premier manufacturers from Scientific Games where gaming machines are built to Laminex where some of Australia’s best known bench tops are made.

TXM Training is one of the most unique training experiences in Australian Manufacturing with attendees completing individual workshops at different on-site locations with a combination of practical techniques and theory. Giving attendees the ability to see Lean techniques applied in real world situations across Australia. The workshops can be run in-house at your on-site locations and customised for your staff.

The workshops are a balanced mix of theory and practical learning designed to enable front-line staff and leaders the ability to start, maintain and sustain a Lean transformation. We will teach you and your staff a wide range of Lean techniques and skills:

Lean Leadership Introduction
– Intro to Lean & the 8 Wastes
– Intro to Value Stream Mapping
– The Role of a Lean Leader
– Organizational Culture & Lean
– Cultural Barriers to Lean Culture
– Role of Leaders in Lean Transformation

Lean Manufacturing Simulation
– Core Lean Manufacturing Concepts
– Flow, Pull and Leveling
– Standard Work, Line Balancing & Work Design
– Using Kaizen to Improve Standard

Lean Daily Leadership Process
– Leaders Standard Work
– Visual Management Boards
– Daily Meetings & Routine Tasks
– Developing People

Practical 5S Introduction
– Why use 5S?
– Practical 5S Principles & Simulation
– Visual Management Standard
– Sustain Audit

Solving Problems Every Day
– Where to Begin Problem Solving
– Develop Robust, Root Cause Corrective Actions
– Concern Strips, Fish-bone Diagrams
– SPED Process & the 5 Whys

The individual workshops are designed to give you the ability to sustain a Lean transformation in any business by empowering you with Lean techniques that can be used across any industry.

Lean Supply Chain Simulation hosted by Holcim Australia

Lean Supply Chain Simulation at Holcim Australia run by Managing Director Tim McLean.

Supply chain efficiency is a determining factor when analysing your potential growth, Tim McLean will demonstrate how to overcome the stumbling blocks of supply chain management. Helping to reduce lead times, increase your responsiveness and overall outcome for your organisation.

November 21st @ Holcim Australia 18 Little Crib St, Milton, Queensland


“The key benefits I took away from the course was learning a range of practical tools and techniques that can be applied on-site at the refinery for immediate results. I learnt a great deal about root cause analysis and building high performing teams.”

– Mike Pearce – Project Lead, Major Energy Supplier

“TXM’s Lean Leadership Introduction module was brilliantly delivered by Brent Johnstone and gave great ideas to expand human capital and progress velocity in any operation.”

Magnus Aahlen – Lean Manager, Major Blood Service

Attendees learning project management with the Countdown Project Management Game. A fun, intuitive and engaging way to learn essential project management skills.

A big thank you to all our 2019 host sites and attendees who made TXM Training a fun, engaging and educational experience. Be on the lookout for TXM Training workshops in 2020!

Countdown Project Management Game in full swing at Lactalis (formerly Parmalat).

The 2019 Leadership for Operational Excellence has been a great success with the majority of classes being sold out!

In 2020 TXM & Best Practice Network will be running the workshops across the eastern coast of Australia in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Which means we are looking for host sites for our Leadership for Operational Excellence workshops, we provide a mutually beneficial arrangement where the host provides the site and TXM Training will coach up to 3 of your employees at the module you host.

“The key benefits I took away from the course was learning a range of practical tools and techniques that can be applied on-site at the refinery for immediate results. I learnt a great deal about root cause analysis and building high performing teams.”

– Mike Pearce – Project Lead

“TXM’s Lean Leadership Introduction module was brilliantly delivered by Brent Johnstone and gave great ideas to expand human capital and progress velocity in any operation.”

Magnus Aahlen – Lean Coordinator

Our workshops are a balanced mix of theory, practical examples and site tours. This allows attendees to gain a better understanding of how Lean methodologies and techniques are applied in the workplace.

If you wish to become a host site for The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program 2020, we currently have space to host in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

If you would like to host a Workshop you will need to provide the following:

  • A meeting room with up to 16 places with computer + projector hook up for TXM Practitioner.
  • An overview of current operations of the site.
  • A site tour/section for TXM Training to conduct the practical portion of the workshop.

The proposed 2020 dates for each state are below. By hosting you will receive up to 3x complimentary places ($2700 +GST) at the workshop you host. 2x for hosting OR 3x for hosting and providing catering.

If you would like to host on any of these dates, contact [email protected]

Victoria 2020

Lean Leadership Workshop – Feb 19th
Lean Manufacturing Simulation – March 18th
Lean Daily Leadership Workshop – April 22nd
Practical 5S Workshop – May 20th
Solving Problems Every Day Workshop – June 24th
Project Review – July 22nd
Supply Chain – August 26th
Problem Solving – September 9th
2-day VSM – October 14th
Countdown – November 10th

New South Wales 2020

Lean Leadership Workshop – Feb 12th
Lean Manufacturing Simulation – March 11th
Lean Daily Leadership Workshop – April 29th
Practical 5S Workshop – May 27th – Scientific Gaming Australia
Solving Problems Every Day Workshop – June 22nd – Street Furniture Australia
Project Review – July 29th
Supply Chain – August 19th
2-day VSM – September 16th
Countdown – October 21st
Problem Solving – November 11th

Queensland 2020

Lean Leadership Workshop – Feb 26th
Lean Manufacturing Simulation – March 25th
Lean Daily Leadership Workshop – April 22nd
Practical 5S Workshop – May 13th
Solving Problems Every Day Workshop – June 17th
Project Review – July 15th
Supply Chain – August 12th
Countdown – September 9th
2-day VSM – October 21st
Problem Solving – November 18th

If you would like to host on any of these dates, contact [email protected]

Training group learning about visual management

Following The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program, we will be running our extended TXM Training program from September till November.

We will be running workshops for Value Stream Mapping, Coaching Problem Solving, Countdown Project Management and the Lean Supply Chain Simulation.

Advanced Lean techniques and methodologies

The Value Stream Mapping workshop specifies the correct techniques to successfully implement Value Stream Mapping in your organisation and create a culture of operational excellence. This unique workshop allows micro-behaviours to be defined immediately and further engages you to participate and learn Value Stream Mapping at an operational level while eliminating waste.

Value Stream Mapping Workshop @ GroundProbe – October 22nd & 23rd

Value Stream Mapping Workshop @ Ground Probe, QLD

The Lean Supply Chain Simulation workshop delivers hands-on experiences in solving supply chain problems.
 Discovering the reasons why your supply chain is failing to deliver and develop new strategies to overcome them. Learn the solutions to common supply chain problems in this interactive, hands-on and practical simulation.

Lean Supply Chain Workshop @ Holcim November 26th

Lean Supply Chain Workshop @ Holcim, QLD

Coaching Problem Solving – 2-Day workshop for coaching best practice problem solving for your teams. Delving into the more advanced problem solving techniques like breaking down and measuring real problems, the A3 thinking methodology and simple templates for effective communication.

Coaching Problem Solving Workshop @ Campari October 16th & 17th

2-Day Problem Solving Workshop @ Campari

TXM Lean Solutions will be Exhibiting at FoodTech 2019 in Queensland

TXM Lean Solutions will be exhibiting at FoodTech 2019. It is the only Queensland show specifically targeted at tradespeople in the Food Manufacturing Industry across Queensland & Australia. Creating new lines in manufacturing. Featuring the latest advancements in food and drink 
manufacturing, FoodTech Qld 2019 is proud to support
 and showcase Queensland’s appetite for innovation
 within the food industry.

TXM Lean Case Study: Houston’s Farms – Lean for AgribusinessVegetables

TXM can help you amplify your business to new heights in these uncertain times.

We are looking forward to exhibiting and showing our experience assisting food manufacturers to improve operational performance through the application of Lean Manufacturing.

TXM are Australia’s leading Lean Consultants with offices around Australia and globally. Apart from working with iconic Global and Australian companies, TXM has assisted many food manufacturers to reduce waste, increase productivity, improve customer service, increase flexibility, reduce downtime, and reorganise their production layouts.

Our unique approach has been particularly effective in the food manufacturing sector, where we have been able to increase productivity by over 25% and reduce lead time by more than 50%. TXM Lean Solutions are very proud to have helped supercharge our clients businesses to the next level come see what we can do for you.

TXM Lean Case Study: Harvest Moon – Lean Farm Transformation

Visit us at Booth A18 right by the Forum and say hello. Talk us through the challenges you face in your business. Our team will have creative cost effective solutions to your problems.

TXM Managing Director – Tim McLean will be presenting and running a discussion forum about ‘Achieving Operational Excellence in the 21st Century Food Industry’ on Monday 29th July at 11am.

TXM Training at The Laminex Group – Cheltenham

TXM Training first session a huge success!

TXM Training has finished its first round of workshops from The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program. The first being the Lean Leadership Introduction. This workshop was aimed at teaching attendees how to align Leadership, Lean Know-how and Culture to drive sustainable change in their organisations.

The workshops are facilitated by our capable Senior Lean Practitioners, Brent Johnstone facilitated the New South Wales and Queensland sessions with our Senior Lean Practitioner David Jaksa taking the reigns for Victoria.

Both practitioners used their past experiences as examples, adding their own spin with experiences they had whilst working for their respective organsations as Lean Professionals.

Attendees learnt a range of techniques and methods from identifying waste, the role of the Lean Leader, Cultural Barriers to Lean Change and Transformation. It gave attendees a common understanding of Lean and Operational Excellence helping them understand the core concepts and preparing them for the next session around a Lean Manufacturing Simulation.

The general consensus from attendees was that the first session was very valuable, giving attendees a new way to think about situations and how they can implement continuous improvement transformations in their businesses

TXM Training hosted workshops in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Our Victorian session was hosted by The Laminex Group – Cheltenham this session included a site tour of their operation highlighting the processes and efficiency gains from Lean implementation.

The workshop was created for teaching people with little to no knowledge of Lean about the standard methodologies used to create a system of continuous improvement in their organsation. It was designed to be the first of six workshops teaching the foundations of Lean.


“TXM’s Lean Leadership Introduction module was brilliantly delivered by Brent Johnstone and gave great ideas to expand human capital and progress velocity in any operation.”

Magnus Aahlen – Lean Coordinator

Our next workshops will be the Lean Basics Introduction – Lean Manufacturing Simulation held May 2019. The workshop is aimed at teaching the fundamentals of the Lean Manufacturing Process.

Spaces are limited, Secure your position today! NSWVICQLD