Multi Site Lean Transformation – China and South East Asia

Client SCA

Location China, Singapore and Malaysia


Our client was the leading supplier of packaging to global electronics manufacturers and subcontractors who demand “just in time” supply at short lead times. Our client’s businesses were struggling to meet the demanding quality and supply requirements of their customers leading to excessive work in progress, poor productivity and high levels of customer returns.


TXM introduced lean enterprise principles across four plants in China and one in Malaysia. TXM mapped the key product flows and coached the plants to improve production planning using FIFO flow between processes and a finished goods kanban supermarket to supply JIT requirements. TXM also introduced “Lean Daily Management” involving maintenance of key visual metrics, daily meetings to take action on performance and structured problem solving to address daily issues in quality, reliability and productivity.


Our client’s plants achieved lead time and WIP reductions of up to 50%. Downtime was reduced by up to 30% and quality defects and returns by 25%.