David Jaksa Joins TXM as a Senior Lean Consultant in Melbourne

David Jaksa
David Jaksa, TXM Senior Lean Consultant in Melbourne

TXM is pleased to welcome David Jaksa to our team. David has worked with us as an associate for more than a year, proving himself to be a highly capable Lean leader and consultant. He now joins our team as a Senior Lean Consultant in Melbourne.

David Jaksa has had an outstanding career in Lean and Quality Engineering within the Toyota Motor Corporation Australia. At Toyota, David commenced as a member of the Graduate program where he was placed on a 2 year training development pathway which helped him gain exposure to automotive manufacturing and logistic processes as well as the associated Toyota Production System concepts such as Just in Time and Quality Built in. His work ranged across assembly operations, quality engineering and included management of new model supply parts approval activities. In 2004 David was appointed the Quality Control Project Manager for the new model Camry which he carried out up until its successful Launch in 2006. He had also worked in the role of Business planning manager within the corporate strategy division

Throughout his roles within Toyota, David was able to gain considerable practical experience in the use of Lean visual techniques and how they are essential to the the successful introduction of a project.

Since leaving Toyota seven years ago, David has worked in many different industries such as Manufacturing, Services and Construction, in driving efficiency, running Lean programmes and implementing various quality system improvements.

David is a passionate Lean coach and facilitator who brings a broad range of practical Lean skills and experience to TXM.  Beyond his considerable expertise in manufacturing, David has developed a deep understanding of implementing Lean in typically non-traditional environments such as building and construction.

Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.