Implementation of the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) for a Global Leading Abrasives Manufacturer +95% of on-time Resolution Rate

Client Saint Gobain

Location Shanghai, China


This global leading abrasives manufacturer is the largest global abrasive supplier for bonded, coated, non-woven and super abrasives as well as for diamonds and equipment products for the industrial, construction, automotive repair sectors, and for the do-it-yourself market. The company requested that TXM provide assistance to implement a Lean transformation program to improve the levels of customer service and the internal management for their plants.

The 2,500T machine is a critical asset for the plant yet with the poor performance. There was a backlog of over 1,600 pieces (30 days) waiting for processing on this machine. The plant attempted to conduct a TPM pilot program for the 2500T machine, but with limited results, it can’t be a benchmark for the plant.


TXM helped the plant to implement an autonomous maintenance in the pilot area of the 2500T machine, established a daily tag management process, and implemented the 5S and the visual management.

  • Using the TXM’s Seven Abnormalities Detection List, while implementing the initial cleaning on site, to coach and help employees to detect hundreds of abnormalities (defects);
  • Established a Standard Operating Procedure for the tag management, so the front-line employees and the maintenance team jointly tagged and removed tags to find and solve daily problems in advance;
  • SaintG2Images before and after the implementation of 5S and Visual Management

    Established an AM checklist for the 2500T machines, including three categories of inspection, cleaning and lubricating, and created autonomous maintenance standard work;

  • Implemented the 5S and a visual management to help strengthen the daily management of the 2500T area;
  • Established TPM activity board to manage TPM activities and track KPI status.


  • Through the implementation of the TPM project for the 2500T machines, 5S has improved significantly, achieving a 194% increase in 5S review score and a 315% increase in equipment MTBF;
  • The active engagement of the front-line employees helped to improve the daily management, creating 90 new tags monthly (the target was 60), and reaching an on-time resolution rate of 95% (the target was 87.5%)
  • Employees came to an awareness of the Total Maintenance and developed good habits;
  • Accepted by the employees and leaders, the project has then been extended to other areas of the plant.


TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) Activity Board.