Practical Tools and Techniques Expose Organisational Culture

Practical Tools and Techniques Expose Organisational Culture

Cincinnati, USA was the recent location for the 2015 AME International Conference where TXM Director Ron Spiteri facilitated an interactive workshop on How to Achieve Sustainable Cultural Change.

Practical tools and techniques were used to assist participants to diagnose their organisational culture, identify key root causes to undesirable cultural traits, and then develop firm strategies to improve these traits. The diverse group of attendees travelled from Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, China, Australia and the United States to attend the workshop and conference.  After a highly engaging session, participants’ comments included:

Great hands on interaction;

Liked the human factors fishbone. I’ve never seen this before;

Very interactive. Lots of exercises. Good participation from everyone;

Very well delivered. Personable tutors. Helpful;

This was more beneficial than I ever imagined;

I really enjoyed this workshop. I would recommend it to anyone, and hope to take it again.

The structure of the half day workshop enabled TXM to coach participants on practical tools, techniques, and strategies that TXM have developed during their years of achieving sustainable cultural change within client organisations.

Focus points of the workshop provided participants with the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to define organisational culture;
  • Understand the correlation between organisational values, beliefs, and behaviours;
  • Explore effective methods for documenting and understanding their organisation’s unique culture;
  • Determine culture’s impact on their change initiatives;
  • Learn how to overcome cultural barriers to lean implementation
  • Hear how to measure their cultural change;
  • Learn how to document strategy using an A3.

By the end of the workshop participants walked away with the knowledge and confidence to prepare their own organisational cultural strategy.

AME USA Workshop 2015 - Team Photo
AME USA Workshop 2015 – Team Photo
Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.