Theron DeBella Joins TXM in the USA
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Theron DeBella – TXM Vice President – USA

Theron DeBella Joins TXM in the USA

TXM is pleased to welcome Theron DeBella to lead the team in the USA. Theron will be based at our office in Hartford, Connecticut and takes on the role of Vice President-USA. Theron has an impressive 25-year career in manufacturing and has extensive experience in deploying Lean across a wide range of industries including the General Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defense, Precision Machining, Food Service, and Banking & Finance sectors. Prior to joining TXM, Theron filled senior roles in GE and United Technologies Corporation.

Theron holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and certifications in both Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies.  Theron is also an Adjunct Professor for The National Graduate School of Quality Management in Massachusetts.

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Author: Timothy McLean

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