TXM Lean Minute – Display your Value Stream Maps in the Workplace

TXM Lean Minute – Display your Value Stream Maps in the Workplace

Displaying your current state value stream map near to the place where the work is done can unearth ideas and opportunities. Anthony Clyne explains in this TXM Lean Minute video how displaying your value stream map near where the work is actually done can lead to a better result for your business.

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Display Value Stream Maps in the workplace

Hi I’m Anthony Clyne and welcome to this TXM Lean Minute

The value stream map is a powerful way to engage people in the workplace to suggest improvements and come up with better ways of working.

Every process has many frustrations and opportunities to improve.

The challenge is to capture many problems associated with the

Company’s that do the current state map, then display this map in the workplace before creating the future state map get better results.

After the current state map session, take the map and display it as close to where the work is done as possible.

Look out for the frustration moments during the work time to stop, walk to the map, and write down the frustration.

The future state map will be more robust.  Solutions are more likely to be trialled in the workplace.  Ideas will have more input from many more people, and the people that do the work understand how the

Don’t leave the value stream map in a meeting room or a board room, pin it on the wall in the workplace.

I’m Anthony Clyne, Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute.