TXM Training – Lean Leadership Workshop

Delivering continuous improvement requires leadership and cultural barriers to be overcome as well as Lean know-how.

The key to achieving sustainable Lean transformation is aligning leadership, culture and know-how within the organisation.

The TXM Training Lean Leadership workshop includes recognised Lean Leadership methodologies that help provide leaders at every level of your organisation the ability to drive sustainable cultural change and continuous improvement.

Reduce costs, increase productivity and motivate teams in your organisation. Effective Leadership is the key to creating and sustaining Operational Excellence in your organisation.

Our workshop will enable you and your business’ leaders to:

  • Get a common understanding of Lean and operational excellence across the leadership team
  • Know the critical skills and behaviours required of a Lean leader
  • Know how to clearly align the Lean Transformation process with an organisations’ strategic objectives
  • Understand the key barriers to change within an organisation and how to overcome them

The TXM Training Lean Leadership workshop is designed to introduce senior leaders to the skills and thinking required to sustain a successful Lean transformation.

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