TXM Training – Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Creating a culture of Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence.

Our Value Stream Mapping workshop specifies the correct tools to successfully implement Value Stream Mapping in your organisation.

Our 2-day Value Stream Mapping workshop is customised to the on-site training locations providing unparalleled access to industry leading Lean organisations and processes.

This unique workshop allows micro behaviours to be defined immediately and further engages you to participate and learn Value Stream Mapping at an operational level.

TXM’s experienced lean practitioners check understanding and roleplay conversations to demonstrate what really happens in the workplace. Our practitioners then identify boundary conditions and role-play the ideal situation as the current state is unravelling.

Our experienced practitioners will teach you how to overcome the stumbling blocks of Value Stream Mapping. As a result, this will improve the quality of the mapping process, team interactions and the overall outcome to your organisation.

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