TXM Training – Solving Problems Every Day Workshop (SPED)

Problems occur across every level of an organisation with many leaders treating only the symptoms of these problems, instead of addressing the root cause.

Our Problem-Solving workshop focuses on instructing TXM Training’s trademarked Solving Problems Every Day (SPED) process to successfully implement problem solving in your organisation.

The TXM Training’s Solving Problems Every Day (SPED) workshop delivers a flexible intuitive, real-world system that can be applied across industries & organisations.

TXM Training provides you with the critical techniques and skills to identify the root causes and select actions to quickly and successfully eliminate day to day production problems.

This workshop will enable you to apply Solving Problems Every Day to solve real problems in a workplace. This means you get to go beyond theory and actually apply the learnings in a real situation.

TXM Training Lean consultants have an extensive range of root cause analysis and problem-solving tools. Teaching methods, ranging from the simplest techniques up to the most sophisticated statistical tools.

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