Lean Daily Leadership Process – Which elements do YOU need?

TXMs Lean Daily Leadership Process brings together our practical approach to the Lean elements of visual management and standard work to provide our leaders with the daily management system to let them shine as leaders. We specialise in tailoring the TXM Lean Daily Leadership Process to suit your business and industry, and work with your team to embed true change into your organisation. The three key elements that provide the foundation for the TXM Lean Daily Leadership Process are:

  • making it visual
  • setting expectations through setting standards
  • encouraging teamwork through daily meetings


Make it Visual

We take in and retain much more information when we can see it, rather than just hearing it. The first key element of the TXM Lean Daily Leadership Process is to make it visual. Simple display boards in the work area provide a central focus point for our discussions and allows our team to take in information at their own pace. The board also provides a visual reminder for the daily meeting agenda, using the key metrics to direct the conversation at the start of each day.

Making it visual

Set Expectations through Standards

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible,” says Tony Robbins. And like-wise we want to turn our expectations into clear standards through team discussions and displaying the end results. Whether it’s good house keeping or a common approach to packaging, setting standards help our lean leaders to be able to clearly display the company expectations of a task to their team. It also makes it easier for the leader to correct and adjust behaviour if necessary.

Standard expectations

Encourage Teamwork with Daily Meetings

Providing a set forum for the team leader to review and discuss the important aspects with their teams another important element of the TXM Lean Daily Leadership Process. A common time to hold these meetings is at the start of shift. This allows the team to begin their shifts by reviewing how their last shift went and looking at what is needed to be successful today. The standard forum allows new information to be added into the daily meetings and covers the requirements of the Toolbox Talks.

Daily meetings for building teamwork

As you are setting out to implement or refine your TXM Lean Daily Leadership Process, keep in mind the what you are trying to achieve. Use it to fully engage your people and make your company ready to excell!