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TXM Lean Minute – Finding the Root Cause to Fix Problems Permanently

TXM Lean Minute – Finding the Root Cause to Fix Problems Permanently Teach your people to find permanent solutions to every day problems. This Lean minute video explains the basics of how to use simple root cause analysis to find the root cause of problems and develop and implement a permanent fix. Learn How to …

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TXM Lean Minute – Containing A Problem With An Interim Fix

When something goes wrong you usually need to take action to ensure that work can be continued and customers supplied. We call this the interim fix or containment action. Learn how to develop an effective interim fix when things go wrong in your business.

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TXM Lean Minute – Lean Problem Solving – Breaking Down the Problem

Daily problem solving is at the heart of continuous improvement. We often find companies struggling by making problem solving harder than it needs to be. In this Lean Minute video Michelle Brown explains the importance of defining the problem and breaking it down in to smaller clearly defined elements that we can address one by one.

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TXM Lean Minute – Creating a Culture of Daily Problem Solving

Creating a culture where your teams use simple practical problem solving techniques every day can drive dramatic improvement in your business. However how do you create a sustainable culture of daily problem solving. Watch this Lean Minute Video to Learn More.

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TXM Lean Methodology Video – Solving Problems Every Day

Solving problems using a structured process is oen of the key elements of a Lean Production System, but it is extremely hard to sustain in practice. With the Solving Problems Every Day Methodology TXM has developed a simple, pracitical and sustainable system to enable everyone in your business to be involved in improving and problem solving every day. Watch this Lean Methodology video to learn more.

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TXM Lean Minute – Ask Why Five Times

To establish a culture of continuous improvement in your business Leaders need to role model problem solving by asking “why” five times. In this TXM Lean Minute, Anthony Clyne explains why its important to ask why five times to get to the root cause of problems.