TXM Lean Methodology Video – Solving Problems Every Day

Solving problems using a structured process is one of the key elements of a Lean Production System, but it is extremely hard to sustain in practice. With the Solving Problems Every Day (SPED) Lean Methodology, TXM has developed a simple, practical and sustainable system to enable everyone in your business to be involved in improving and problem solving every day. Watch this Lean Methodology Video to learn more.

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“A problem shared, is 10 problems solved.”

Hi, I’m Anthony Clyne, Welcome to this TXM Process Overview

Keep watching and learn how Solving Problems Every Day will give your business a competitive advantage.

At the core of the TXM solving problems everyday system is the magnetic concern strip.

Concern strips help create Plan-Do-Check-Act thinking every day.

The challenge is to solve small problems and eliminate wasted time and effort.

This wasted time and effort amount to valuable minutes and often hours for every person, every day.

We all know that solving problems is at the core of lean thinking.

However, providing the forum, and maintaining the daily discipline of solving problems in a structured way is really hard.

Team leaders, supervisors, and managers need support and coaching.

Looks easy, looks simple, but the self-discipline required can be tough.

TXM Solving Problems Every Day approach provides system, support, and coaching to turn problem-solving into a daily habit.

Go online to the TXM store and get some concern strips. Start with just ten strips.  Attend your short team meeting every day, and coach the team to solve their problems using the concern strips.

The suggestions, ideas, and solved problems will surprise you.  Employees will become actively engaged.  Future leaders will be developed.  Managers will be freed up from day to day fire fighting to become thought leaders.

In an office, a service, a workshop, or a factory, the concern strips develop a lean thinking culture.

A problem shared is 10 problems solved.

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I’m Anthony Clyne, Thank you for watching this TXM process overview