TXM Launches Brand New Website
The new TXM website takes off in December 2017

TXM Launches Brand New Website

In December TXM launched a brand new website to reflect our growing and diversifying global business. The new txm.com features a more modern and user friendly layout including a “mega menu” that will enable you to quickly find what you need across the whole website.

As TXM becomes a global company, it was important to locate our web content on the .com domain so that our clients in the 15+ countries in which we currently do business can access content that is relevant to them.

Our site is a popular lean resource used by thousands of Lean practitioners around the world and the Learn about Lean section brings all our lean resources including blogs, videos and articles together along with a useful glossary of Lean terms and informative articles about key Lean Methodologies.

For those interested in finding how Lean applies to their industry, the For Your Industry section provides information and links to a wealth of information and case studies about implementing Lean in the wide range of industries in which TXM works. Of course you will find information and case studies about applying Lean in almost every kind of manufacturing imaginable. But in addition you will learn how we implement Lean in industries as diverse as Resources, Supply Chain and Distribution, Industrial Services and Food and Agriculture as well as we help Private Equity companies get the best performance out of their investments. We have also introduced a special section dedicated to sharing our world leading expertise in deploying Lean in Small and Medium Sized Enterprise.

Finally if you are interest to learn more about TXM and how we do things, the Lean Solutions and About Us sections will provide you everything you need to know and access to our popular on-line store.

A year in the making, we think the new txm.com is a big step forward for TXM and for furthering the cause of Lean Thinking on-line. We hope you will agree.

Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.