TXM Lean Minute – Best Practice: Remote Audio

Best Practice: Remote Audio

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Remote daily meetings need good audio.

Hi, I’m Anthony Clyne and welcome to this TXM Lean Minute.

TXM Lean companies are running daily meetings with remote attendees, it’s important for all present to be heard in these remote daily meetings.

The challenge is to not only include every person in daily meetings but having them share their problems and hear how other people resolve their problems.

At TXM we follow a set of clear principles, we have small groups of four to six in in meetings, we share frustrations, we listen, we be heard, and we write down in real times what’s being talked about.

Being heard requires leadership and most people don’t like to speak publicly the role of the leader is to provide everyone with the opportunity to speak and this involves having a portable microphone and passing it around like a talking stick especially in a loud environment and the result is the people can be heard.

We also enable our distance to be maintained in what should be a normally as much smaller tighter forum and how we do this, is we pass around this device called a mobile phone we have lots of different people tuned into the meeting on their phones in a loud environment sometimes and every person can contribute.

So, it’s a simple solution it’s not the best but it’s a practical way of solving a current problem.

Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute, I’m Anthony Clyne.