TXM Lean Minute – How to Choose the Tasks for your Red-Green Task Board (Kamishibai)

Red Green Task Boards (or Kamishibai Boards) are a great way to ensure that everyday tasks get done in your business. This Lean Minute from TXM Senior Consultant, Michelle Brown, shows you how to work with your team to choose the right tasks for your red-green task board.

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Getting the right tasks on your Red Green Taskboard is the key to success for this lean tool

Hello and Welcome to this TXM Lean minute – I’m Michelle Brown

Red-green task boards are a key tool to sustain our lean processes of practical 5S and preventive maintenance.

Choosing these tasks needs to cover three main steps:

  1. engaging your team
  2. setting up a pilot
  3. auditing and reviewing

Engaging your team to brainstorm the tasks that are needed to be done on a regular basis is a great way to involve then in the process of setting up the red-green task board. Once you have a list of tasks, decide how often they need to be completed. Then balance out the tasks across the week, considering your ebbs and flows of your weekly routine.

Engaging your team in determining the tasks for the red-green task board also creates buy-in which is key in step 2.

For step2, we want to set up a pilot, getting our team to try completing the tasks in the assigned time and on the days they decided. Use the pilot as the opportunity to move the tasks, or perhaps combine the smaller tasks or break a large task into smaller components.

And finally, as lean leaders, we need to review our teams’ performance, checking how they are going to complete the tasks and making sure the tasks still support both the teams and the company to achieve their goals.

Following these three steps helps you to set up your red-green task board and your team for success.

And of course, at TXM we are always there to help you with the implementation of your task boards, just give us a ring. Contact us at TXM to learn more about how to improve your business culture and drive improved quality performance.

I’m Michelle Brown and Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute.