TXM Lean Minute – Lead Lean Culture Change Through Changing Every Day Behaviours

To truly sustain Lean you need to create a Lean culture in your business. In this Lean Minute video, Ron Spiteri explains how to change everyday behaviors in your team to support a Lean culture.

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“That’s the way we’ve always done it”. Sound familiar?

Have you started on your lean journey but struggling to help your employees change their traditional behaviour?

Hi, I’m Ron Spiteri. Welcome to this TXM Lean Minute where we’ll explore how to achieve behavioural change in your workplace.

Change management programs need to address three key elements: knowledge, behaviour, and environment.

Where the key challenge appears to be in supporting team members to change their behaviours, their habits.

To initiate change, we need to provide our team members with the knowledge and skills to operate differently.

To sustain behavioural change also requires a new work environment that supports the desired behaviours.

To put the importance of environment in context, let’s think about our personal lives.

I know that my dress code and behaviour differ when I go to the football on the weekend to when I go for an evening meal at a fine dining establishment.

It’s still me, but the differing environments draw out differing behaviours.

Before you get frustrated by your employees reverting to their comfort zone of traditional behaviours, make sure that you provide them with the required knowledge to adopt new behaviours and the environment to practice these new behaviours.

Call us at TXM to learn how we can help you achieve sustainable change.

I’m Ron Spiteri and this has been a TXM Lean Minute.