TXM Lean Minute – Start Your Day with a Stand Up Meeting

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How many productive hours do you lose each day? Hi I’m Tim Scurlock and welcome to this TXM Lean Minute. The start of each working day helps to set the pace and tone for the rest of the day. That’s why TXM recommend you start each day with a daily stand up meeting.

Getting the most out of your team means right from the off they know what the priorities are and what tasks need to be done each day.

The first hour of each day typically the lowest in terms of productivity. By the time your team have shared the football results discussed what they did last night and had their first cuppa you have lost a significant proportion of your working day resource.

So make a daily stand up meeting part of your daily routine. A simple whiteboard works very effectively and during the 10 to 15 minute you need to focus on.

Firstly, what was yesterdays performance and especially how was it against target, secondly, what problems did the team experience that held them back or stopped them getting their jobs done. For example the wrong product at a pick location or an incorrect address for a customer.

Don’t spend time fixing these issues unless they are simple, they can be the subject of a later problem solving meeting. Thirdly, Plan todays resource who’s going to be doing what and during which part of the day to ensure you meet the days target.

Having a motivated, empowered team working for you means they work more effectively and as a manager you can focus less on fire fighting and clearing up what went wrong yesterday and more on how your going to cope with the challenges of tomorrow and next month.

Tim is one of our UK Lean Consultants.  Contact us at TXM to learn more about how to improve your business culture and drive business performance.