TXM Lean Minute – Taking a Holistic View of Your Supply Chain

Taking a Holistic View of Your Supply Chain

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Global supply chains have just got a whole lot more complex that’s why a holistic approach to supply chain management is needed.

I’m Anthony Clyne, welcome to this TXM Lean Minute.

Supply chains are often managed by functional areas, consumers now demand the product to be certified to be made in an ethically and environmentally sustainable way.

Dynamic trade barriers add to the complexity, and these are also a consideration when designing an agile supply chain.

Suppliers are typically a combination of large-scale multi-country entities and medium sized bespoke manufacturers.

At TXM we follow a set of clear principles. The first thing we do is we map the end-to-end process, then we involve all the functional areas in the reengineering challenge of a future state that is better for the entire company.

We then defined simple A3 plans that coordinate end-to-end benefits. The benefit is the total cost is less and the target margins are more likely to be achieved and supply chains are more resilient to volatile events.

I’m Anthony Clyne, thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute