TXM Lean Minute – Creating a Lean Quality Culture

Creating a Lean Quality Culture

As leaders, we determine the culture of the organisations we lead. This is especially the case when it comes to quality. This Lean minute video explains with a simple example. If you want to create a Lean quality culture in your business then you need to send a consistent message that sending a defective product to the customer is never acceptable.

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Read a Transcript of the Video

Ron the Supervisor: “What do you think of this Tim. It’s almost perfect?”

Tim the Manager: “We can’t ship that Ron, we need to get another one.”

Hi, I’m Tim Mclean Welcome to this TXM Lean minute.

As leaders we influence the quality culture of our workplaces every day by the behaviours we demonstrate.

Keep watching to learn how you can send the right messages to your team on quality.

When you are under pressure to get things done, sometimes when you see products that are almost perfect.

The temptation is to say “It’s near enough – send it out”

However, by knowingly sending a “slightly” defective product to the customer you will start your business on a slippery slope

The next time one of your team sees a similar defect you can be sure it will be going to the customer.

This will eventually lead to major quality problems and destroy your reputation and bottom line.

If you have a defective product, even if it almost perfect you have only two options – to rework or remake it or to let your customer know and ask for a concessional release.

Taking a clear and consistent stand on quality issues will ensure that your team understands that quality standards are not to be compromised.

You will achieve better quality over time.

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