TXM Lean Minute – The Most Effective Warehouse Management Technology

What is the most effective warehouse management technology? There is a bewildering array of technology on offer for warehouses. This video shows that sometimes the simplest solutions can be the best.

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Would you like to hear about the best piece of warehouse management technology that I have ever seen? This special technology can automatically control your inventory level, trigger replenishment and maintain first in first out usage of your materials.

Hi, I’m Tim McLean Welcome to this TXM Lean minute.

There is lots of technology on offer for a modern warehouse. However sometimes the best solution is also the simplest.

The challenge in a warehouse is to have the right product in the right place for picking, to ensure that inventory is controlled and that replenishment of stock locations is triggered on time.

What I am going to show you is a method that does all this using one of the most fundamental forces of nature – Gravity.

Flow racks like these are without doubt my favourite piece of warehouse technology.

They present the products you need to pick at a convenient height for picking.

The length of the flow rack controls the maximum amount of inventory that can be held and as the stock in the rack is consumed there is a visual indicator to trigger replenishment

Because you pick from the front and load from the back, you can also replenish and pick the same location at the same time.

Finally, the products at the front must be consumed before you can use the newer product at the rear ensuring FIFO is maintained.

Flow racks will help you reduce inventory, improve picking productivity and reduce aging stock

Chose a range of parts and set up a flow rack today. Forget the complex technology and let gravity do the work for you.

I’m Tim McLean.  Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute.

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