What is Lean – Employee Engagement

What is Lean – Employee Engagement

What is Lean? Looking for a simple introduction to what lean manufacturing means for your office or factory? Here it is. JoLean is an average worker with average problems. So how can you engage your team and employees like JoLean to embrace change. In this video, the first of our “Justin Time” series, lean coach Justin shows JoLean and her managers how Lean can transform their work day and deliver real results for the business.

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Meet Jo-Lean a couple of years ago.

She was sort of happy in her job

Over time Jo-Lean has learnt to do the best she can but the processes she works with make it difficult and she doesn’t feel that she can do anything to fix them.

Others in her team feel the same way.

After work Jo-Lean arrives home and simply says “Work’s fine”

And Jo-Lean’s Manager is too busy juggling day to day problems to provide support.

Profits are OK and the company satisfies its customers most of the time.  The Directors think the company can do a lot better. They introduce Justin Time from TXM.

The problem needs to be solved in a structured way with each department working together.

Now, two years later, Jo-Lean and her team are enjoying work.

They have worked together to fix many frustrating problems.

Every day Jo-Lean meets for 5 minutes with her colleagues to improve work flow and solves problems.

The company has grown.

Jo-Lean’s team are a big part of the business success.

Her manager now has daily routines and attends most of the meetings.

Now when Jo-Lean meets her manager at the coffee machine he can really listen to Jo-Lean’s ideas because he is no longer rushing off to the next crisis in the business.

Jo-Lean’s company has a unique culture. Justin explained the LEAN idea in a way that made sense.

New ways of working were modified to suit the business.

Action plans were drawn up.

Some of the new ways seemed un-natural but Justin helped the Leaders who in turn created a supportive environment.

Now the manager is more like a coach and a music conductor.

The board are happy, the business continues to grow and the customer buys additional products.

As a valued team player Jo-Lean has been a vital part of the LEAN business success.

Now when Jo-Lean arrives home she happily shares stories of work and her improvement.

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