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TXM Lean Case Study – Establishment of Lean Management System for an Automotive Green Plant

Client Futuris

Location Wuxi, China

The Challenge

Futuris is a global leading manufacturer of automotive components, providing seating and interior systems. Futuris had established a new green plant in Wuxi to provide high-quality seating systems to SAIC, GMC and Tesla. The management team in Wuxi wanted to establish a visual Lean management system with production line and material replenishment to meet client high expectations.

TXM using Cardboard Simulation to develop the lean layout

The TXM Solutions

TXM firstly facilitated a cross functional team with VSM workshop at Futuris. The lead time was quite long in the current state map: 51.4 days. With Lean in mind the team developed a future state map with 9.1 days lead time.

After VSM workshops, followed with several Kaizen workshops. A layout workshop was conducted with TXM PLDP (Plant Layout Development Process) system.

Supermarket and Kanban were introduced to the material replenishment system, which   improved material flow and achieved levelling production.



Developing people is one of the key elements in establishing a Lean culture. In Futuris, TXM used its own P5S (Practical 5S) and visual management to coach teams to cultivate better behavour in addressing house keeping and improving attitudes to problem solving which helped to improve everyday performance.

Welding frame supermarket with Kanban system was established
Team members doing labeling for the line side material storage area

The Results

A visual material replenishment system with supermarket, Kanban and kitting was established. 5S and visual management, resulted in quicker problem solving. At the end of the project, Futuris Wuxi plant was able to achieve its lead time of 10 days, which meant a 80% reduction compare to the beginning of the project (51.4 days). It improved customer satisfaction dramatically.

Team members reviewing performance and gaps during the daily stand-up meeting in front of a visual management board
The VSM journey from lead time 51.4 days to 9.1 days


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