Lean in the Office – TXM inspires thousands of business leaders

Ron SpiteriLean in the Office – TXM inspires thousands of business leaders

TXM Director, Ron Spiteri, delivered a keynote presentation to a live audience of 3,000, with an additional 4,000 connected via live streaming.  The global audience included both current and up-and-coming business leaders from small- and medium-sized businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Caribbean, North American, and the UK.   The presentation exposed to attendees the harsh reality of business process efficiencies and the accessibility of transformational improvement.  The audience was provided with a simple technique that any business can use to engage with their employees to understand the activities that create process value and waste, then design and implement effective ways to achieve significant sustainable improvement.  Post-event feedback suggests that many of the attendees were inspired to evaluate their processes and successful at applying the technique to realise significant process improvement.

Ron Spiteri

Author: Ron Spiteri

Ron Spiteri is an Executive Director at TXM Lean Solutions.