Ron Spiteri, an Executive Director at TXM Lean Solutions since 2012, has dedicated over 20 years to becoming a proficient Lean practitioner and senior manager.

His engineering background and natural talent for business turnarounds have driven him to leverage Lean principles to revolutionise businesses of all sizes.

Ron’s expertise in establishing corporate direction and building viable business strategies stems from his extensive practical experience. His active engagement and mentorship of stakeholders across all levels ensure successful strategy execution and sustainable results.

Ron’s Lean foundations were developed during 16 years with Boeing in Sydney, Melbourne, and Seattle. He was trained by Lean experts in Australia and U.S.A, including direct mentoring by world-renowned Japanese ex-Toyota lean specialists engaged by Boeing. Ron then led the implementation of quality and Lean initiatives into Chubb Australasia, utilising their parent company’s United Technologies Corporations Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) program, which is one of the most successful in-house lean and quality programs in the world.

Ron also worked at Spectrum Fire between 2008 and 2011 as a General Manager.

Ron is based in Brisbane, Australia and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical), a Masters of Business Administration and is an advocate of experiential learning. Through an array of diverse roles, Ron has encountered the trials and tribulations of leveraging lean principles to overhaul the culture and performance of businesses. Key roles include Project Manager, Production Manager, Engineering Manager, Quality & Business Improvement Manager, Service Manager, and General Manager. These roles have seen his span of control to include multi-site responsibilities, $96M annual turnover, and 256 employees.

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