TXM Lean Minute – Practical 5S – Creating Standard Workstations

5S is a great business tool in so many ways. By creating standard workstations your team can make their life easier and increase their productivity. It will also save you real money in lost tools and partly used materials. Learn about standard workstations from our latest Lean Minute video.

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Welcome to our TXM Lean Minute, I’m Michelle Brown.

Considering standardising your workstations and thought it was too hard?

Come and see what Slattery and Acquroff have done.

Slattery and Acquroff make handcrafted timber staircases, and TXM have been working with them to develop a Lean production system.

The assembly department wanted to reduce their lead-times and increase their flexibility by improving the workstations and making them more alike.

This made it easier to move people around as the workload changed through the week.

RJ is the assembly departments team leader. He got his team together to discuss what they needed in a standard workstation.

They talked about where to locate their consumables, hand tools and where common items could be kept so that everyone could get to them.

As a result the team came up some clever ideas on how to achieve their goals. Creating visual locations for tools and samples has helped and the colour coding makes it easier to check that everything’s been returned to the correct location at the end of each day.

If you need help developing standardise workstations than give TXM a call. Thanks for watching our TXM Lean Minute.