TXM Lean Minute – Finding the Root Cause to Fix Problems Permanently

TXM Lean Minute – Finding the Root Cause to Fix Problems Permanently

Teach your people to find permanent solutions to every day problems. This Lean minute video explains the basics of how to use simple root cause analysis to find the root cause of problems and develop and implement a permanent fix.

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How permanent is permanent?

This lean minute describes how to identify a permanent corrective action for a problem identified in a daily meeting.

The challenge is to change people’s thinking that a permanent corrective action is Permanent and NOT a simple action that deals with today’s symptom.

At TXM we teach people to solve problems in a practical way.  We use the Solving Problems Every Day methodology as part of the Total Excellence System lean framework.

How you identify the action is to

1st respect the person raising the issue,

2nd clarify were we would go to see the problem,

3rd Ask Why five times until you get to the root cause “zone” of the problem

4th The next step is to challenge the barrier and lead action.

It might take some number of goes at the problem to progress through the 5 whys.  Sometimes the root cause takes us down a different path than we initially thought.

When writing the cause ideally we would use a sentence that follows the object, defect, and mechanism structure.  For example, the order code having an extra space is failing to look up the customer details.

Avoid writing a single word or phrase like “Space” or “Order code” as what is obvious to the people present is not obvious to everybody else.

The results you expect is that problems don’t return.

Your next step is to lead the writing of the permanent corrective actions and challenge individuals to write the permanent fix. Show a supportive leadership style and conduct one minute  mini teach training in the daily meetings.