TXM Lean Minute – Managing Problem Solving Concern Strips in your Daily Meetings

TXM Concern strips are a really effective way to capture and permanently solve everyday problems in your business. This video provides practical tips on how to use concern strips in your meetings. Purchase Problem Solving Concern Strips for Your Business.

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Hi, I’m Anthony Clyne, Welcome to this TXM Lean minute.

In this Lean Minute we discuss how to arrange your concern strips to enable an effective daily meeting in typically 5 minutes, but rarely longer than 10 minutes.

The challenge is to sort the concern strips into an order that can be quickly referenced in the meeting.

At TXM we teach people to solve problems in a practical way.  We use the Solving Problems Every Day methodology as part of the Total Excellence System lean framework.

A good action to do is to sort the concern strips according to the Plan Do Check Act disc.

Before an action can be Planned there needs to be a label called “New”

Once the action has been planned but no actions have commenced the concern strip can be in the “Do” stage.

After the corrective action is complete and ready to be tested simply move the strip into the “Check Phase”

Once the corrective action is deemed to be effective and other related problems have been identified and actioned then move the concern strip to be captured or store in the workplace.

A tip is to not have more than two concerns to be reviewed on the same day.  How you do this is to look at the other concern strip dates and agree a review date that doesn’t have another concern being reviewed on that day.

You should expect the concerns to be quickly scanned and not have to spend valuable seconds in the daily meeting organising the concerns.

The action is to use the Plan – Do – Check – Act disc on your concern strips and makeup labels today.

I’m Anthony Clyne
Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute.