TXM Lean Minute – The “I to U” of Lean Plant Layout

There are lots of different ways you can layout your plant. Lean Plant Layouts can include I, L, O, S and U shapes. In this TXM Lean Minute, Anthony Clyne discusses how an S-shaped Lean Plant Layout works effectively for long products, such as Sykes rowing boats.

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There is a C shaped workflow, an O shaped workflow, an I shaped workflow, or an L shaped workflow. There are many shapes of workflows and one of the most common is the S shape workflow.

Hi I’m Anthony Clyne and welcome to this TXM Lean Minute.

The challenge is to create a layout that connects work teams, makes the flow visible, allows uneven work to balance and connect quality processes.

At TXM we help clients such as Sykes Racing layout the workflow using an S shaped workflow. S Shapes enable long processes to fit neatly and effectively in rectangleuar shaped buildings.

The corners often need innovation, the straight sections need to flow, with a 20 metre long product keeping the processes moving forward and not reversing is a challenge.

Layouts achieve a step change in efficiency, if you need a boost challenge your team to create a new shape of layout. I’m Anthony Clyne and thanks for watching this TXM Lean Minute.

TXM Lean Case Study: Sykes Racing