TXM Lean Minute – How to Level Lean Production to Takt Time

TXM Lean Minute – How to Level Lean Production to Takt Time

When you make a simple mass-produced product, leveling lean production is relatively easy. However, for customised products it can be challenging to level production to meet the rate of customer demand (takt time). This video provides some simple tips on how to do it.

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The conductor controls the orchestra’s pace using a baton. In a factory the pace of work is called takt time

Hi, I’m Anthony Clyne.

Welcome to this TXM Lean minute.

In lean production the pace of work is set by careful planning and workflow.

The challenge is to release work in a manner that does not overwhelm the people doing the work.

At TXM we help clients such as Sykes Racing achieve level work.

Here a planning board acts a sales tools and a lean production planning tool.  Slots are used to plan work and there are rules so that two extra busy products don’t start one after the other.  Were possible a boat with far less work will follow a work intensive boat.

Work out your takt time and release work at the same rate as your customer’s demand

I’m Anthony Clyne. Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute