TXM Lean Minute – Managing Every Day Warehouse Tasks with Red-Green Tee Cards

Warehouses have lots of routine tasks that need to be completed every day. This Lean Minute Video explains how you can use Red-Green Tee cards to make sure that every warehouse task gets done every day.

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How do you make sure that every day tasks in the warehouse like forklift checks, cycle counts and cleaning get done every day?

The red green tee card board is one of our favourite Lean visual controls.

Warehouses are busy places. In the rush to get out daily orders, put away stock and keep systems up to date, it is easy to forget to do every day tasks

Tee cards are a simple and effective way to make sure you complete every task every day.

Here at Henry Technologies this tee card board has been used in the warehouse for the last four years. The board includes typical routine warehouse tasks such as a forklift safety check, restocking packaging materials and putting away items after QA checks as well as regular 5s tasks such as sweeping.

Red green tee card boards enable your team to keep track of every day tasks. They empower your team to take control of their area without the need for constant direction.

Go to txm.com.au/store to get your red green tee cards and board today and start organising the routine tasks in your warehouse