TXM Lean Minute – The Role of a Lean Transformation Steering Committee


An effective Steering Committee is a critical element of a company-wide lean deployment. In this Lean Minute, TXM Director, Ron Spiteri explains the important role and critical success factors for a Lean Transformation steering committee.

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Hi, I’m Ron Spiteri. Welcome to this TXM Lean minute, where we’ll evaluate the use of Steering Committees to oversee your Lean transformation and ensure that your leadership team remains aligned to the organisation’s transformational vision.

At TXM, we find that strong, positive support from senior managers is the key to motivating lean facilitators during those challenging times.

A steering committee’s membership is comprised of key leaders of the business, plus the lean facilitators.

The purpose of a steering committee is similar to that of a Board of Directors.

The Steering Committee compiles the vision, mission, and tactical strategy then supports lean facilitators as they execute their plans.

The diverse skills of the Steering Committee members ensure that Steering Committee Meetings yield decisive guidance for the Lean facilitators and overcome obstacles along the way.

Remember that if your facilitators are not dedicated resources for the transformation project, the guidance provided by the Steering Committee may include assistance on how the facilitators balance the roles and responsibilities of their regular duties with their transformational duties.

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I’m Ron Spiteri, Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute.