TXM Lean Minute – Sustaining Your Lean Transformation

Sustaining your Lean Transformation

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Why are transformations not evident after three years?

Hi, I’m Anthony Clyne and thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute.

What I’m talking about is new culture that is long lasting, the challenge is to make changes that last and what we’ve seen work is a set of clear principles that are easy for people to follow.

What happens is managers come in, overcomplicate, and have their own need for self-validation that they introduce all these new variations or new things and then when they go there not sustained.

The key of the TXM methodology is to have very simple Lean methodologies and the overarching reason is to have these set of simple clear principles for people to follow.

The managers become custodians of the range of control / span of control, and they apply these key principles but along with their personal flair and together they are able to enhance the way the work is done so that when they leave, the people that are left to manage next either an external and internal person can apply those clear principles and enable that same DNA to keep maturing.

The results you expect is that people are more connected to a single business culture that there’s not as many microcultures from area to area from site to site and people perform better, and senior positions are filled internally.

They are the benefits, and it lasts, and you get sustained business benefits without these cycles of having to redo your transformation programme.

I’m Anthony Clyne and thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute.